Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (7-25-12)

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Dearly, Beloved by Lia Habel 
September 25th release! (aka, too far away)
Sequel to Dearly, Departed

I just really really really want this book. I mean LOOK at it. And I totally loved the first one, Dearly, Departed, which introduced me to the zombie genre of fiction. Wait, and steampunk. Yeah, I had only heard of zombie and steampunk books before reading this. It combines them! I have recently read a few great reviews about it too, how it is very good. Yep. So anyone have an ARC they'd like to trade? ;) My library doesn't have it on-order yet, even though it comes out in less than two months! :O

Also, I would have posted a Teaser Tuesday yesterday, but all I've been doing this week is rereading The Fellowship of the Rings which I finished this afternoon. Heh. (unless you'd like one of my favorite parts from it?) So once I start another book tomorrow, I might post a Teaser Thursday Special Edition because I love teasers. And you guys seemed to like my previous one. "Lightning bugs on coke!" hahaha...

Happy reading!

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