Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Look what's in my mailbox today!!!

Tadaaaa! I bought it. It killed every moral in my soul, but now I can go on my long trips without that second suitcase of books. :P

I've been a complete hater-of-all-things-e-booky for pretty much forever. I love smelling books, holding them, feeling the spine, and turning the pages...just everything. But I travel SO much. And I know ebook review copies are more common than paper ones (also, Les Mis is just to heavy to hold!)...so this is what happened. I caved.

I do have an iPad, but the LCD screen just gives me a headache after staring at it for like half an hour. I mean, e-ink looks like actual paper! Technology these days... :)

I will NEVER stop buying paper books, and of course smelling them. This is just another option.

Now I'm going to go update my review policy. ;)

(And then figure out how to use this thing.)



  1. I recently bought a Kindle and though I still prefer my paperbacks, the eink is SO much better than reading on a regular computer screen.

    Definitely worth the money.