Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaser Tues(Thurs)day (7/26/12)

I wasn't going to post one...but I just couldn't stop laughing when this scene came up, so I have to share it!

"We don't need Police on Demesne!" Mother says, horrified. "But you do have that kind of brute strength. Perhaps it would be nice if you could use that for more gentle purpose. Perhaps you become some kind of builder. An architect for military compounds?"
     Ivan says, "Or perhaps I could be a camouflage fashion designer. Or a strategic campaigns astrologer."
     "You can go to the Base to learn astrology?" I ask, surprised. According to my interface, the Base is where young recruits go to hone their physical endurance, learn military history, and gain weaponry skills. It shows me no correlation between astrology and the military.
     "Ivan's doing sarcasm," Liesel informs me. "He learned it from Astrid."
     I data check this word.

Sarcasm (SAHR-ka-zem): Expressing ridicule that wounds.

     I leap from my chair and run to Mother's side, and grab her seated upper body into a hug. "Don't be wounded, Mother," I say.
     The family roars with laughter. Mother places a kiss on my cheek and then gestures for me to sit back down. I am so confused.

-page 77 from Beta by Rachel Cohn

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