Monday, November 12, 2012

Lorien Legacies, The Lost Files: mini-review

The Lost Files, aka Fallen Legacies. It actually goes by like three different names so it's kinda confusing.

Author: Pittacus Lore
Source: library
Rating: 4 stars

Summary: backstories to Six's and Nine's legacy development. and the first three Garde's demise.

Three parts to this collection of in-between stories!

Six: Alright, we see Six's less badass side in here, her training, moving around a lot and most importantly, losing Katarina. Glad i read this little history. It gave me more of an appreciation to why she acts the way she does.

Nine: so Nine's pretty cool when I met him in The Rise of Nine but he's completely different in here. I had no idea he had a totally different backstory, never would have guessed it. Kinda similar to Six's but different in a few key points, involving his Cêpan.

Part Three: Aha, so this is what I did not expect. I expected to see the perspectives of the first three fallen Garde, not the POV of one of the teenage MOGS! That was super cool! I actually enjoyed it a whole bunch. One was sort of haunting the poor kid, and it really gave me some insight to some of the Mogs's customs and how they train, etc.

So there's my mini review. I recommend checking this out from the library, or downloading the ebooks separately. At the very least, the last one. They're great additions to the series!


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