Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Rise of Nine: review

Title: The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3)
Author: Pittacus Lore (pseudonym)
Genres: sci-fi, action adventure
Rating: 4.8 stars
Summary: Until the day I met John Smith, Number Four, I'd been on the run alone, hiding and fighting to stay alive.

Together, we are much more powerful. But it could only last so long before we had to separate to find the others. . . .

I went to Spain to find Seven, and I found even more, including a tenth member of the Garde who escaped from Lorien alive. Ella is younger than the rest of us, but just as brave. Now we're looking for the others--including John.

But so are they.

They caught Number One in Malaysia.

Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They caught me in New York--but I escaped.
I am Number Six. 
They want to finish what they started.
But they'll have to fight us first.

I had originally thought this was the last one...and now I'm so glad to hear it's not!

Warning, there are a few spoilers for I Am Number Four and The Power of Six...

The whole book is pretty much one action scene after another. It's great because the pace is set at breathtaking and I couldn't help but to keep turning the pages right up till the very last one, but it's also a tad exhausting to read only about that and nothing else. I swear, on every page there is a form of the word "explode." Because of that, hardly any of the plot moves. Well, it does but is so hindered by all the people stopping to fight or to be attacked that to me, it seemed like not enough got accomplished for an entire book.

I guess the action is great all around, but there is little room left for actual dialogue between the characters which usually leads to character development. While they're all developing physically via discovering all their superpowers, I want to see them all interact more as people, if that makes sense.

We meet Eight early on, and I think he's a great addition to the group, though he isn't a huge character. I liked seeing more of Nine, because he only just showed up in the last few chapters of The Power of Six, and his personality is definitely an interesting one. I don't exactly get what he has to do with the title though because he's just like any of the other Guarde.

My least favorite thing in here is that Sam is not in it!!!!! Considering he is my favorite character, an absent Sam is a slight let down. All the other characters are great, and Sarah even says a few lines, but we don't get so much as a peep from Sam. He'll be in the next one, I can tell from the story, but he could have at least showed up at the end, just for me.

And this contradicts my usual views...but I really do enjoy the different POVs. Normally I complain to no end about them. What makes this likable is the three, Four, Six and Seven (Marina) each have their own distinct fonts. That really helps to keep track of what's going on in big battle scenes when the views switch every few paragraphs. They're all in first person too, instead of third person switching. I feel like I can connect more to them that way.

The ending came abruptly, but I really can't wait for the next one. I'm not sure how many more books there will be, but I feel like another climax is approaching so my guess is two or three books tops.

I have yet to read the Lost Legacies book(s) because I only recently found out about it, so at least I'll have something to tide me over before the release of the next book in the series, currently Untitled but finally added to Goodreads!


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