Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye Feedburner...

(So long!)

Hi there.
I've recently heard about the imminent demise of Feedburner, the site I use to gain an audience through email subscriptions.

What has happened is Google has decided to shut down its APIs on October 20th.

What now?
So after some looking around, I signed up for a similar website called Feedcat. I just added it to the top right-hand corner of my site's sidebar, and I would be so very happy if you could re-suscribe to Much Ado About Books via email using this program. I would hate to lose so many readers! I just looked on my stats on Feedburner for the first and last time (because I couldn't figure out how to before) and over 150 people have subscribed to me! That's way more than I ever could have imagined for such a new blog. Those stats just made my day.

How do I re-subscribe?
It's super easy to re-suscribe, there's just that little widget on the top right corner (above my giveaway links) that looks like a small blue box. Hover over it and another bigger box will appear. You just click and enter your email address  in the spot with the blue pencil on a "mail" picture. Then that's it! You should receive email updates on my posts just like usual!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to keep your support! :)


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  1. I dumped Feedburner too. It's a shame that we have to make a change but I think it really is for the best. Just signed up for you new email sub. :)