Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning Part Two (and three)

Guys. I need my bookshelf space. :)

I have almost 60 or so. There has to be something you're looking for. All my books are listed on the exchange. 90 percent are available, anything published 2013 or before. They're YOURS if you paypal me the $4.00 for shipping (or if you're trying to get rid of some old books...) First come first serve when you email me!

Here they are:  http://www.yabookexchange.com/search/label/Jane?max-results=15

Part two of my post. I am on the search for a co-reviewer. Anybody interested in helping me out with this site? I would love another opinion on here, and maybe a little revamp if they have coding skills. Mine are in rudimentary training still.

Please go to my contact tab if you're interested in either of these things, books or reviewing!

Happy reading!


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