Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mortal Gods book cover is heeere!

In which I jump with glee. 

In case you haven't seen it yet, the second Goddess War book cover now exists! The book, Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake, comes out on September 1st! (great scott that's so damn far away I just realized)

Well you have a whole 6 months or so to read the first, Antigoddess, if you haven't yet. There isn't even a synopsis of Mortal Gods yet, but keep an eye out and don't forget to add the book on Goodreads.

(Speaking of, if someone plans on rereading Antigoddess it's not up on the Recaptains site yet, and I can't remember the details so much, it's been so long! I hope there's a recap on there before September! :))

While we're talking about Kendare's work, click to see my reviews for her other series, Anna Dressed in Blood (#1), and Girl of Nightmares (#2) if you're looking for something wicked cool and creepy as hell to tide you over till autumn.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jane :)


  1. Oh I love the cover art! Now there is that familiar itch to my fingers ;) Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. I really enjoyed Antigoddess and am definitely looking forward to Mortal Gods. This cover art is very different from the first, isn't it? I wonder what made them change the art direction.