Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tomorrow, When the War Began: review

Title: Tomorrow, When the War Began (Tomorrow #1)
Author: John Marsden
Genres: science fiction, action, thriller, war, survival
Summary: When Ellie and her friends go camping, they have no idea they're leaving their old lives behind forever. Despite a less-than-tragic food shortage and a secret crush or two, everything goes as planned. But a week later, they return home to find their houses empty and their pets starving. Something has gone wrong--horribly wrong. Before long, they realize the country has been invaded, and the entire town has been captured--including their families and all their friends. Ellie and the other survivors face an impossible decision: They can flee for the mountains or surrender. Or they can fight.

For such a small book, it's jam packed with action, suspense and plenty of explosions. And I am quite glad all the books came out a while ago, (I will find a way to get the rest from my Aussie contacts if I need to.) because if I had read this when it first came out, the ending would make me squirm with anticipation for a whole year. And each year after for the sequels.

It had a cliffhanger, sort of. But it felt like more of a chapter ending. Enough for me to turn the page and sputter, "That's it?? That's where it is leaving me??" I hope the rest of the series is as awesome as this one was.

One thing I didn't ever figure out was who were the invaders? Did I totally read over that somehow? Because that whole part of the story is cloudy for me. It might be on purpose though, so that you're meant to feel as ignorant as Ellie and her friends are at the moment. Or I totally spaced.

There are a lot of main characters in this book. At first I let them blend slightly together; afraid of keeping track of their personalities, who is with whom, and what their role was in the various missions the group organized. (They split up a lot) It even took me a few chapters to figure out Corrie is a girl. Queue facepalm. Don't worry though, the author does a great job in separating each and every one, and gave opportunities for them all to become heroes in their own time.

My favorite character had to be Homer, I think. So immature but he grows up considerably. Then Fi. Her different upbringing compared to the rest, and naïvety, just cracked me up.

One small thing that almost bugged me in the beginning was the romance. I wish it wasn't in there. By the end it got better, and it's kind of part of the idea of the plot..."In the midst of death we are in life." to quote Ellie. So I am now mostly okay with it.

This being published in Australia, by an Australian author, and set there in the novel, it's kind of pointless to mention there is lots of Aussie lingo in here. I'm pretty familiar with it all, but for people who don't read a lot of it, it can become a little confusing at times. Even I had to look up a word once or twice. But that's a big part of why Tomorrow, When the War Began ROCKS.

The movie is being released here in the US in two days. I hear it's pretty accurate to the book so I am super excited to see it!!

4.6 stars. Don't ya just love decimals? They make life so much more complicated.

Other books similar to this one...I have to think a bit on this one...anyone?


PS, hey, anybody interested in becoming my beta reader?

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