Thursday, February 2, 2012

Greetings...(testing, testing)

   Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Much Ado About Books. I am new to the whole blogging concept...but if you bear with me, I am a quick learner and will get the hang of this! Mostly this post is to check out the sizing/layout etc, so to start with, maybe I should say a little about myself. For my safety on the virtual 'verse, I choose to use my long time nom de plume, Jane Speare, which I created a while back for my account. Most people call me Jane.

   I started writing about four years ago coming up with a novel idea from a dream. Yes, that didn't last very long. And since then I've come up with a number of more stories, but now I have been working on a single one for the past three years. That is fiction though, and I do need more practice with the real world. Reading seems to be the solution to that. found me a year and a half ago, and also opened me to the idea about reviewing all the hundreds of books I spend my day with; the idea stuck.

   At the moment, I review YA books for the indie bookstore, Changing Hands through their Before It's Trendy (BIT) program. I absolutely love it.

   I don't go to school. I'm 17. Unschooled is the term my family prefers to use. The dictionary has two main descriptions to the word unschooled. I think the second one works better for my case: "not affected or artificial; natural and spontaneous." The easiest way to explain my ongoing education is Life. What better way to learn and grow than to experience the world firsthand instead of through a textbook? Traveling the globe, creating things, enjoying every day, and having fun with my's the best upbringing I could possibly wish for.

   This blog will be mostly for book reviews, but I might stick a few other things in here now and then. Stories from my life perhaps, to hone my non-fiction writing skills. Like that one time my dad and I got chased by a bunch of monkeys while on a field trip in Japan...

Oh goodness, is it that late already? And I have fencing class early tomorrow...


Fun fact!-- autodidact, (noun) A self taught person.

And many thanks to my friend, Mal for letting me take her idea. The title Much Ado About Books is all hers! :)

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