Friday, April 4, 2014

The Book Thief: movie review

Yes I know this came out six months ago. But it was only limited release, at least where I live, and I never got the chance to find a place to see it, so I had to wait for the library to get it.

I like this poster, but the movie-cover is good too, even though the original book cover is the best.

There are so many good things about this movie, and really nothing I can complain about, so I'll list them, and hopefully you'll feel the need to see/read it after reading this, if you haven't already.

This is one of the rare times I didn't reread the book before seeing the movie, which is too bad because according to Goodreads I read The Book Thief back in November of 2010. And that was back before I actually wrote any thoughts/reviews so all I have to go on is from a conversation my friend were having on there.

So: "it was very emotional…and good." is what I told her. She responded "glad you liked it." But I know I felt so much more than that!! Oh well, when I'm feeling in the mood to cry a lot, I'll pick it up again.

Why The Book Thief is a brilliant movie

  • You don't have to have read the book to still admire the wonderful and heart-wrenching story. 

  • For those who have read it, Death narrating? YES. The narrator has a great narrating voice too, sort of like Lemony Snicket. It was done well and I'm so glad they didn't leave it out! Essential to the uniqueness of it!

  • The score. The thing I am most critical about in movies. John Williams guys. He did this score and I loved it so very much and you will too because John Williams.

  • I don't remember, but I'm sure I cried in the book. Well I cried in here. A lot. During the book burnings, and the dying (people die, it was WWII so that is not a spoiler) and pretty much every emotional scene happy or sad.

  • The acting is excellent. I'm a big fan of Geoffery Rush and he was perfect for the role of Liesel's new father, and of course did especially well with the accent. Liesel herself is so perfectly as I pictured her in the book, and I wanted Rudy to be my best friend too. 

  • Yes the one thing I cannot account for is what was different than the book (as mentioned above), so maybe it's a very different experience from the book? Maybe it's not? Either way the movie is as good (as in quality) as a movie so I'm not comparing it to the book as much as usual.

I'm actually sticking with these few, short facts because the movie is so well done and I honestly don't have anything to rant about or complain about. Boring, I know. I'm so relieved though! For those who did read it more recently, or didn't read it until after, what did you think?


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