Friday, December 13, 2013

Help my local indie bookstore!

Hello bookish people! Something exciting is happening: my indie bookstore needs your support! :)

Changing Hands Bookstore is the oldest and largest bookstore in Arizona, and the only independent bookstore around me. I spend way too much time there and buy all my books from them, know everyone who works there, and they even have programs for younger teens to read ARCs and review them in the store. I especially have that program to thank, for without it I would not have thought to start this book blog. They also have authors come frequently to talk and sign books, which is so cool for fans and bloggers and people who like signed books. (Who doesn't?)

Their 40th anniversary is coming up in the spring, and some great news is they have expanded to a second location which should be opening up in a few months. It is deeper into the city, and they are even building a cafe/bar into it which is so super cool. But they need your help! Changing Hands has started an IndiGoGo campaign to help build the store, and for donating even the small amount of $10 you can get neato bookish perks.

There's only 12 days left but they're more than halfway there! And they only get the funds if the campaign reaches its goal. If you want to help decrease world suck by supporting an independently owned business, I really suggest clicking this link to even just take a look at their hilarious video.

Here's the page: Frank 'N Moby Build a Bookstore

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully you can help my bookstore out! :)

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