Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beyond the Pale- anthology review

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Here's a new collection of short stories; many of you will recognize at least a handful of the authors. The stories vary quite a lot, so I think there's something in it for every kind of reader.

My overall rating is three out of five stars!

This is an added update. After posting this review, I was told by the editor to please not share my rating anywhere like Amazon or Goodreads because it was only 3/5 stars. Well, you see, that's not how reviewing works. In my review I haven't said anywhere to not buy it, or it sucks, anything like that, I just put my honest opinions in it like I always do. As an author you're going to have to deal with that sort of thing. So I'm going to share this review far and wide.


Hooves  and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela by Saladin Ahmed:

Not my cup of tea. I tried a few pages but couldn't get into it.

Children of the Shark God by Peter S. Beagle:

I'm not sure how to categorize this one. I haven't read any of his books before, but I've definitely heard about them. This story brings the classic moral-fairytale-esque idea and twists it all around for a completely original tale. There's something about the way he writes, like a true ancient storyteller with a vivid imagination. It's impressively creative, and now I really should get to reading The Last Unicorn...

Misery by Heather Brewer:

I've only read Heather's work in other anthologies, not her actual books, so I know I like her writing style. She's also an incredibly nice person. Misery, one of her two stories in here, is probably my favorite. It reads like a true black-and-white Twilight Zone episode, with almost a touch of The Giver. This story had me in goosebumps from the first sentence, and ended differently than I expected.
(Also I realized I'd read this one in another anthology before, no wonder I liked it! Again!)

Shadow Children by Heather Brewer:

It's okay, but nothing original and sort of predictable…also too short to succeed in grabbing me.

Red Run by Kami Garcia

Supernatural fan? It's like a condensed version of an episode. Twisty turny creepy.

Pale Rider by Nancy Holder

Halfway through I realized I'd read this one before too. Its difference stands out--unique paranormal/dystopian combination.

Frost Child by Gillian Philip

Not a fan. Read a few pages but couldn't get into it, but it also had to do with one of her stories, like a prequel. So maybe that's why I just didn't understand.

South by Gillian Philip

One of the shortest stories, but in my top three favorite. Reads like an old tale of the north, but all I could gather was it's at an icy island in the middle of nowhere. Similar to Peter Beagle's story from near the beginning. Both have that older-story feel.

A Knot of Toads by Jane Yolen

Second favorite! If I remember correctly, it took place in Scotland in the early 1900s. Witches and curses and despite it's grossness, I totally enjoyed it. Don't miss this one!

The Adventures of Lightning Merriemouse-Jones by Nancy and Belle Holder

This is a retelling of Dracula….with mice as characters.

I think I'll leave you with that.



Thank you to the editor for sending me a copy of this book to review; receiving a free copy has in no way influenced my opinions of the book. This is a review without bias.


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    Kancah publik kagum dengan permainan Islandia yang memiliki pertahanan solid lalu cepat dalam melancarkan serangan balik. Sekarang, Gylfi Sigurdsson dan kawan-kawan akan melawan tim tuan rumah yakni Prancis di perempatfinal.
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    Wenger disebut amat kecewa ketika Jamie Vardy menolak kesempatan bergabung dengan The Gunners, setelah klausulnya aktif, namun sejak saat itu sang manajer memusatkan perhatian pada striker Lyon, Lacazette, dan bintang Real Madrid, Morata, menurut Goal International.
    Olivier Giroud, yang sempat berbicara pada Wenger mengenai masa depannya sebelum Euro 2016, akan bermain sebagai striker utama tim musim depan, dan manajer Prancis ingin menutup bursa musim panas dengan mencari pemain baru yang bisa bersaing dengan sosok berusia 29 tahun.
    Morata sendiri baru bergabung dengan Real Madrid dari Juventus bulan lalu dan ia diperkirakan akan dijual lagi untuk memberi keuntungan pada timnya. Chelsea juga tertarik dengan pemain yang sama, namun Arsenal juga tidak akan menyerah begitu saja.
    Sementara itu, Wenger juga diklaim akan mengincar bek Wolfsburg, Ricardo Rodriguez, untuk membenahi lini belakang The Gunners, yang sudah mulai dimakan usia.

  18. Pemain Portugal Mengaku Tegang Jelang Final Euro 2016

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    Namun sosok berusia 29 tahun mengatakan bahwa nuansa ketegangan memang mulai menjalar di dalam tim.
    “Saya tidak pernah mengalami situasi seperti ini sebelumnya, final Euro. Terkait persiapan pertandingan, tidak ada yang berubah, semuanya tetap sama,” tutur Matuidi pada Goal International.
    “Saya terus berlatih, dan juga memakan makanan yang sama, tidur, itu semua hanya ada dalam pikiran anda. Saya mencoba untuk seminimal mungkin mengalami stress.”
    “Memang ada ketegangan yang saya rasakan. Namun begitu kami ada di stadion nanti, kami akan melupakan semuanya dan kami akan bermain dengan cara terbaik dan juga meraih hasil yang kami inginkan.”
    “Kami akan siap karena Minggu nanti akan menjadi pertandingan terpenting dalam hidup kami. Kami akan memberikan segalanya.”